Which celebrity dad are you?

This Father’s Day find out which celebrity dad you are most like and what gift would suit you! Money saving and voucher code website, My Voucher Codes have created a quiz for dads to find out which celebrity family man they are most like, will it be once bad boy rapper turned movie hunk and family man Mark Wahlberg or new father and funny man Ashton Kutcher? Do you have a big ego like self-proclaimed Yeezus Kanye West or like the finer things such as Jay Z? Try the quiz now to find out. … [Read more...]

Benefits Of A Weighted Blanket

When you think about a weighted blanket, you might think of one that is very large and heavy that can make you very warm and comfortable. There aren't any negative aspects of using weighted blankets, and they are often given as gifts, especially to those who are elderly so that they can stay warmer than if they had nothing on them at all. A weighted blanket can be used to help those who have anxiety as it can be a comforting item while the person is laying on the bed or sitting in a chair. It is also a benefit for those who have sensory issues and don't like the feeling of being uncovered through the day or at night. The reason the blanket work so well is because of the pressure that is exerted from the weight of the material. When there is a firm pressure placed on the body for a long … [Read more...]

Great ideas for your Child’s Bedroom

Your child's bedroom is more than just a place to sleep: it is their very own little world where they play, dream and imagine, so why not treat your little one to the bedroom they've always wanted? We've got some top tips that will help make you make your child's bedroom a place they will love to be. Take a look and be inspired! Wall to Wall Magic The key to the ideal kid's bedroom is to get the base colours right. If you want to play it safe, or you know you won't be decorating again for a very long time, stick to neutral tones which can be brightened with accessories. The colour you choose will depend on your child's age and preferences, but remember that phases can be short lived so think twice about painting the walls a particularly bright colour. Don't worry about the walls … [Read more...]

How to Find Inspiration for Home Improvement Projects

Even if you buy a home that looks perfect and meets all your needs, you can only live in that space for so long before you start eyeing the walls and thinking about making some changes. While swapping out your furniture, painting the walls and adding a few new decorations can help, you might want to make some bigger changes that will involve professional help. Before meeting with contractors though, you need to think about the type of changes you want to make. Find out where you can get inspiration for your next home improvement project. Television Shows A great place to look for inspiration before doing a home improvement is on your TV screen. HGTV and similar networks now offer a number of great shows. “Property Brothers” features two professional contractors who buy homes, make … [Read more...]

Cruising Along With A Promotion Tote Bag

What better way to personalize a gift for a person than to have a promotional tote bag made especially for them. While not exactly thinking in terms of a plain canvas bag with three embossed monogrammed letters on it, a tote bag with a person's values, beliefs or a company's branded slogan on it, is the way to go in today's world. You don't have to be a walking cruise line advertisement to promote with a tote bag. Just have something unique to say, and it'll be printed by quality online specialty shops such as Tote Bags 4 You. However, a cruise line event would be the ideal place to use these Sailor Bags. The Absolute Sailor Bag in particular comes with nautical-style, twisted rope handles to match anything maritime in nature that you may have. Naturally, being 100 percent waterproof … [Read more...]