Top 3 Tech Free Gifts

The guys form made a top 10 tech free gifts. Isnpired by them I made a short top with the best tech free gifts you can buy. 1. Real books. Books are a great gift especially if you know what the receiver likes to read. 2. Kendama Pro. There are a lot of cool tricks which can be performed with this non tech gadget. Images source Pixabay and Amazon 3.Foosball Table … [Read more...]

Top 10 holiday gift ideas for makeup lovers

Are you the kind of person who would use eyeliner so often that would even write a letter to Santa Clause using it? Also, do you have friends that simply love anything related to makeup and creating something beautiful by adding colors and innovation to every makeup session? Then you have come to the perfect place! We have made our research and today we will present top 10 holiday gift ideas that will bring joy into the heart of makeup lovers from across the world. Discover these below! A machine used to wash makeup brushes Engaging in a makeup session is fun both for the person doing it and the one taking advantage of this little treat for the body. However, any makeup artist or a simple person who loves doing her own makeup at home knows that all brushes need to be cleaned … [Read more...]

Give an ultimate gift to your family this holiday season! Go for Safari!

Are you planning your next amazing family adventure on the road? We have a great idea for you: plan a safari trip to destinations found far away in the world and offer yourself and your family the time-out you deserve to feel relaxed and ready to face any new life challenge when you come back home. The options are endless in this case and all the alternatives are worth considering given the fact that most of them feature you living in the wilderness for a couple of days. It is the perfect opportunity for you to reconnect with your life partner and children and make sure that everyone has fun during the next holiday trip. Offer this amazing gift to your family and everyone will remember this safari adventure forever. Images sent by author Travel the world with your family in … [Read more...]

Finding Gifts for the Brainy Special People – Try These Great New Non-fiction Reads

Reading is the greatest gift of life because there are numerous benefits offered by this simple activity. An important role is played by the books we choose to read both from a fictional and non-fiction area of interest. When you have a friend whom you know he / she loves to read, there is no better gift to offer than a great new book that he/she will enjoy reading on their spare time. Let’s discover below some of the greatest new non-fiction reads we could all enjoy or offer as a gift to others. A Non-Fiction Book for Feminists First on our list of great non-fiction reads is addressed mainly to feminists today: Diane Von Furstenberg: A Life Unwrapped. It celebratesthe iconic existence of the famous designer that gives the title of the book. Diane Von Furstenberg is one of the most … [Read more...]

5 Unique Silver Wedding Gift Ideas That You Can Happily Gift

When it comes to weddings, there is always a special significance behind the overall event that celebrates the beauty and pureness of feelings like love and mutual respect and support. Such occasions are special both for those two people who have decided to unite their destinies and for those who are invited to share their joy during the most important day of their life. Therefore, we may also often feel nervous when it comes to the choice of perfect wedding gifts for people who invite us to celebrate their love. However, if you follow certain simple rules and go with your heart and silver as the key elements, you cannot go wrong. Let’s discover together 5 unique silver wedding gifts that you can happily offer. Silver Jewelry Sets for Matching Souls There might be no better gift … [Read more...]