Cool Tees for this Winter. 3 Gift Ideas

If you are looking for a funny t-shirt have a look at these three. #1. Real Men Play With Their Weiners T-Shirt This is a funny tee and every wiener dog owner will love one. You can get it from JoyFabrika. #2. Mordor Dark Ale This is the perfect gift for an ale fan who also loves The Lord of the Rings  the film series. You can get this funny tee from Once Upon a Tee. #3. Superman Super Dad T-Shirt Every dad would appreciate getting this t-shirt. It is clever and funny. You can get this funny tee form … [Read more...]

Best Tee Gifts For Writers

Inspired by a post called 21 T-shirts Every Writer Should Wear made up by the Tee Explorer I started creating a top with my favorites. These tees are hilarious and I think every writer will love one. #5. Kiss Me I’m A Writer   This tee made me laugh for 10 minutes. It is a clever way to get a kiss or two.  #4. Just One More Chapter This one can be the perfect gag gift because I lot of writers want to create the perfect book and struggle to finish it. If you ask them how is their book project going usually the answer is ‘I am close to finish. I just have to write one more chapter’. #3. You Are Dangerously Close To Being Killed Off In My Novel   Actually this is a funny message which will definitely attract attention. A good gift for a fiction writer. #2. … [Read more...]

Brighten up Everyone’s Day by Wearing a Funny T-shirt

Subtle messages versus loud statements! Some people take their style very seriously, choosing each item of clothing carefully in order to make a statement about who they are. They may adopt a 'uniform' that identifies them immediately as perhaps an 'emo', or an individual devoted to skater culture, hip hop style or even the over the top WAG look. There is no mistaking the message these people are sending out with their clothes. Others may be more subtle, choosing a more understated but still distinctive style to show off their personality. But make no mistake, no matter how little you think you are saying with your clothing, you are always giving away something! Even the 'I couldn't care less' approach is a 'look' in itself! Use Funny T shirts to make a statement A funny T shirt is a … [Read more...]

Funny Gummy Bear Gifts

If you are searching for funny gifts have a look at the Gummy Bear products. They are hilarious! I just got the I Am Your Gummy Bear CD. The music is funny and the gummy bear looks adorable. The CD can be offered with any occasion and it is a funny present for both kids and adults. Another funny gift can be the Gummibär plushie. Gummy Bear, is a funny and lovable green animated gummy bear with a multitude of talents. A little about Gummy bear The Gummy Bear Song has met an enthusiastic response around the globe with more than 800 million plays on YouTube and MySpace video alone. This multi-lingual hit – available in the original Hungarian, we well as English, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Hebrew, Czech, Slovak, and other languages – has won the hearts of … [Read more...]

An unusual gift idea: Miracle fruit

I have one unusual gift idea for today: miracle fruit + something to taste. I will explain in a minute why. This idea is great for the times when you visit your friends and it can be used all the time no matter if it is Christmas or April fool’s day. The Miracle Fruit Plant (Sideroxylon dulcificum / Synsepalun dulificum), sometimes known as the Miracle Berry / Miracle Berries, Mysterious Berry, or even the Flavour Berry is a plant native to the wet tropical lowlands of West Africa. What is special about the Miracle Fruit is that it is causing, bitter and sour foods to taste sweet.  :) Why to offer it as a gift Along with something to taste after you’ve eaten the fruit, the Miracle Fruit will be a super fun, unusual gift. It is something that will make the people talk and laugh. … [Read more...]