Gift Antique Silver to Your Parents on their Silver Jubilee

History Generally speaking silver antiques are those pieces made before the 1930s. In the 18th and the 19th centuries, the original silver flatware design was not registered. Basically the silversmiths copied it from the French patterns, resulting in identical patterns being available in various stores. Canadian states under the French influence were gaining prominence in this part of time such as Montreal, Quebec City, Ontario and Atlantic provinces. Most of the silverware was made by hand during these times. However, with the beginning of the 20th Century, large firms took over the manufacturing from these small artisans and the whole process became mechanized, producing large quantities to meet the growing demand of the people. Images sent by author Fine Antique Silver, Sterling … [Read more...]

The Electric Fireplace – The perfect gift for a newly-wed couple

For the longest time, it's always been a tradition to give useful or practical gifts to a newly-wed couple. The reason behind this is to help the couple in starting a family of their own. However, there are times when one or two gifts are exactly the same. If you want a truly unique gift for a newly-wed couple,then getting then an electric fireplace is a great idea. Since it was first invented, the electric fireplace has helped households when it comes to keeping the house warm during the cold winter months. While it was once thought of as a cheap piece of equipment that was made as a cheap alternative to an actual fireplace, it is now a popular choice because it is safer than the actual fireplace. There are incidents where a house was burned because someone got too careless with the … [Read more...]

Make Your Parents’ Silver Jubilee Shine

A 25th wedding anniversary is known as the “silver jubilee” or “silver anniversary.” As divorce rates climb, celebrating 25 years together is truly a special event in this day and age. Maybe your parents, parents-in-law, or another loving couple you know are getting ready to celebrate a quarter of a century of marriage. The traditional gift item for this anniversary is a present made out of silver. Image sent by author Commemorating the occasion with something made from this metal is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the couple and all the years they have spent together. Read on for some great gift ideas that incorporate silver to give this anniversary a traditional touch. Silverware Perhaps when they got married, your parents received an engraved set of silverware as a wedding … [Read more...]

Top 5 Gift Ideas For New Home Owners

Have a family that is moving to a new house and you don't know what gift to get them? Then worry no more. Here, you will find out about the best gift ideas for new home owners. These gift ideas depend on so many factors that need to be considered. For instance, you don't want to get the new home owners something that they won't be able to use - although there are gifts that are common for every family, like kitchen stuff as an example! Image source The following are some of the examples of good gift ideas for people who have just bought a new house: Barbecue Grills This can be a perfect gift, and it doesn't have to be very expensive. Just get a medium sized charcoal grill. This can be a great welcome gift, especially during the summer months. Welcoming Door Mat This is … [Read more...]

Six of The Best Gifts That You Can Get For The Newlywed Couple

Something Personalized Personalized gifts will make the couple feel special and they will likely become family heirlooms. Monogrammed cloth napkins are great for the couple who enjoys entertaining. There are many companies that will make hand painted and engraved wooden plaques featuring the couple’s last name and the date that they were married. Wine glasses with the couple’s monogram etched on the glass would be much appreciated. Nearly anything can be personalized or monogrammed, making it easy to give a really nice thoughtful gift that the couple will enjoy for years to come.   Image source Practical Household Items It is usually best to chose household items from the couple’s registry, as most people have already lived on their own and probably have all of … [Read more...]