Vintage Gift Ideas for Decorating a Man Cave

There aren’t many rooms in a house that are able to make a man feel at home like a classic man cave. Iconic decorations like neon lights, antique signs, video games and sports memorabilia can add personal touches and make any guy feel right at home. Figure 1 Photo Courtesy of Appliances Connection When buying decorations and memorabilia for the man in your life, you first should consider their interests and hobbies. A guy with no interest in sports wouldn’t need sporting memorabilia, and a man who doesn’t hunt wouldn’t necessarily need taxidermy wall decorations. It’s important to contemplate the nature of the man cave project, and then search for items that match the style of the room. If you need a few ideas to guide your search, here are a few classic items that are found time … [Read more...]

10 Awesome Tech Gifts for Millennials

Are you hoping to make a millennial happy this Christmas? Go either retro or high-tech. Any of these gadgets will make your millennial over the moon because they have been good this year. Mungyu Kim A wireless speaker/headphones A great part of each millennial’s individuality is the music they listen to. Having their music on-the-go is a must, so either one of the two accessories will help them. No wires included will make your present easy to use and ready at all times. A portable charger On-the-go music is only one of the things draining a millennial’s phone battery. Phones nowadays are incredibly smart and helpful until the battery goes flat. Help them never run out of battery by presenting them with a portable charger they can carry wherever they go and double the … [Read more...]

Best Christmas tech gifts 2017

Christmas is just around the corner and now is the perfect time to start thinking how you can surprise your loved ones with great gift ideas. For the last few years, the popularity of different gadgets is rising so deciding on a tech gift is a great idea for every family member. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying gifts for your son, daughter, husband or wife; the gadget market is so vast that you can find one thing for each family member. I wanted to share with you few interesting ideas you can use to surprise your family, from toys to really useful gadgets. Prynt Pocket photo printer for iPhone Image sent by author A pocket photo printer is the perfect gift idea for every lady you know. They love to take pictures of almost everything and in the sea of those pictures … [Read more...]

10 Cool Gifts for a Golf Lover in Your Life

Sometimes it can be very hard to select the right gift for an occasion, especially if you have been doing it for years. It can really help when you know the person well and you know what their interests are. Here is a list of ‘little somethings’ for your favorite golfer. There is something to fit every pocket. Image source Pixabay Custom balls The golfer you are buying for probably has a set of clubs and other basics required for the game. Also, they are probably better informed and more likely to recognize good quality equipment. You can surprise them by making them a little piece of the game and ordering a custom ball made just for them. Make it so as to fit your friend’s character and has a personal touch. Custom headcovers Pretty much the same as the above, but … [Read more...]

Best Yoga Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Do you have a friend or loved one that practices yoga, but have no idea what gifts to get them? Yogis are actually really simple to shop for, because there is an endless variety of items and services we use and benefit from regularly. As yoga and athleisure wear become more mainstream, finding a great gift for the yogi in your life is easy! Images sent by author New Pants The most obvious place to turn for gifts for the yogi in your life is to yoga pants. They’ve gotten a lot of attention from the media over the past couple of years as celebrities have been spotted wearing them in public while on errands or after class. Since then, trends in athleisure wear have broadened the concept of yoga pants. No longer are yogis limited to basic black with bright colors, bold prints, … [Read more...]