Creative Gift Ideas for Your Kids

Parents can relish in the joy that is to come as they plan to surprise their children with unique gift ideas that will be sure to please! No matter the cause for celebration—whether it is for a birthday, a major holiday, or simply just because—there is no greater feeling than sharing a present with your child that is a true expression of just how much you care about them. For parents who want to put a little extra thought and creativity into these tokens of appreciation, here are some original gift ideas that will help you to think outside of the box and give your child a gift that will surely leave them with a lifetime of memories! Images sent by author  Handmade Items For parents who want to go beyond the typical and forgo the purchase of toys or the latest tech gadgets, why … [Read more...]

Best Yoga Gifts for Yoga Lovers

Do you have a friend or loved one that practices yoga, but have no idea what gifts to get them? Yogis are actually really simple to shop for, because there is an endless variety of items and services we use and benefit from regularly. As yoga and athleisure wear become more mainstream, finding a great gift for the yogi in your life is easy! Images sent by author New Pants The most obvious place to turn for gifts for the yogi in your life is to yoga pants. They’ve gotten a lot of attention from the media over the past couple of years as celebrities have been spotted wearing them in public while on errands or after class. Since then, trends in athleisure wear have broadened the concept of yoga pants. No longer are yogis limited to basic black with bright colors, bold prints, … [Read more...]

3D printed gift ideas for everyone on your list

There are only a few months until the holidays are upon us once again. While it might seem a bit premature to start planning your lists now, according to the National Retail Federation’s 2017 Holiday Planning Playbook about half of shoppers begin their gift planning in October…or sooner. Images sent by author Planning early also provides ample time to think about—and order—customized gifts for loved ones. And one of the more innovative trends in gift-giving involves 3D printing. A 3D printer can create incredible designs, sculptures, personalized figurines and even jewelry. The ability to DIY a creation that is completely unique solves the problem of buying for the person who has everything. But while 3D printing adds a new dimension to the gift-giving tradition, what to … [Read more...]

Best Gifts For Fitness Enthusiasts

We all have that one friend who just enjoys doing exercises and being active. They don't mind getting up early to go jogging or spending every other evening at the gym. We admire them for that. These sports types of people also usually enjoy getting presents that will make their training easier or more fun. As not many of us is that into buying sports equipment, sometimes it's hard to get the right idea on what would be a great and thoughtful gift for your athletic friend. So, check out these suggestions: 1. Bluetooth headphones Image source Pixabay Most people like listening to music while they're training. It helps them block all the surrounding noises and concentrate on what they're doing. High-quality headphones that make them feel they're alone on the trail will really be … [Read more...]

The Personalized Gifts Are The Best

If there was any definitive proof that we as humans love to see our names printed on our products, it was the 2013 ‘Share a Coke’ campaign from Coca Cola. The soft drinks company swapped their iconic branding for its customers names, and allowed them to purchase personalised bottles too. The effects were massive. With 998 million impressions on Twitter, 235,000 tweets from 111,000 fans using the #ShareaCoke hashtag and more than 150 million personalised bottles sold. The campaign won 12 awards at the Cannes Lions. Image source Pixabay The fascination with personalisation doesn’t stop with fizzy drinks. In 2015, it was predicted that consumers would spend a total of £1 billion on customised gifts. The research also found that the average spend for each gift was £36 and 53% of … [Read more...]