How is it that you can know your father so well and still have no idea what to get for him come Father’s Day? It seems fathers are always the most difficult family member to shop for, and a loving, positive holiday dedicated to the appreciation of Dad ends up being a stressful affair. Gifts such as ties and wallets are always a safe bet, but a man can only use so many! This year, switch things up for Father’s Day and surprise Dad with a more thoughtful, surprising and interesting present. Below are three ideas to inspire you and to get you thinking what your own dad will enjoy and appreciate – not to mention actually use!

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A bottle

Treat your father with a fancy bottle of scotch, or set him up with a wine-tasting session if that’s more his cup of tea. Father’s Day is a holiday for showing how much you appreciate your dad and all he has done for you, and one way to do that is to facilitate a relaxing time for him. Often some good wine or whisky is all a father wants after a long day or when with friends.

Tech toys

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Most boys love toys, and it’s something they never grow out of – the interest just ‘matures’ along with them. Holidays such as Father’s Day present the perfect opportunity to get your dad something you know he wants and would love, but perhaps cannot justify buying for himself. Treat him to an iPad, a new phone, or whatever the latest tech toy is that you have seen him eyeing and playing with in the electronics store.

Days out

The most memorable gifts, more often than not, are the gifts that are not material objects, but rather activities or events. Really surprise your dad by picking out a present for him that’s adventurous and probably unlike anything he does normally. Adventure days out are adrenaline-pumping activities that you can do with your dad. Ideas include a track day in a favourite sports car, bungee jumping, jet skiing, and paragliding. Now those are definitely not gifts that will collect dust or go unused!