In many areas where people fish or swim, the dock is a common fixture. In many cases, these constructs allow you to go further from shore without worry about submerging yourself. Fishing, boating and swimming are common activities especially in deeper areas of the water. However, innovative floating docks may have superior capabilities as opposed to traditional wooden or metal units that adorn many rivers and lakes.


While some docks can be built to be mobile, new-age floating plastic platforms offer superior abilities for relocation. Lightweight materials make moving the unit easier. As some of these platforms can be disassembled easily, you can virtually move the entire dock to another locale and reassemble it according to the width and size you need. Wooden and metallic devices don’t have such capabilities without causing a great deal of stress and damage to the construct.


Due to the nature of the materials used in the construction of new floating platforms, these units have a much longer lifespan than traditional methods. Wood will degrade over time and metal can create physical hazards. Platform blocks created today for docks are not subjected to the same limitations and are capable of sustaining high levels of usage and foot traffic.

Loading Systems

Floating docks of today are capable of sustaining drive-on boat and other watercraft without causing damage to the vehicle or the dock itself. Traditional methods don’t have the same capabilities as wood and metal materials could scratch and damage the hull of the vessel. This allows you to pull the watercraft out of the water for safe storage. Whether you’re on a private lake or rent a slip from the harbor master, the floating dock can make loading and unloading the vessel easier.


Floating dock materials reduce the waste from using traditional components for building platforms. For example: The wood and other materials used for building, repairing and maintaining the traditional dock is eliminated promoting sustainable and "green" lifestyles. These plastic blocks used for making the dock prevent trees and other materials from being used in the same setting.

Dock construction methods such as those found at provide a way to assmeble the perfect size for the perfect situation. With greater sustainability, these units can still be usable long after weather and water damage has ruined traditional platforms. Enhance your water sports by using components that will offer you exactly what you need in virtually any situation.

By Ryan