Moving into a new place is an important event for anyone, especially if this is the first time they actually become a homeowner. If this person is a dear friend, coworker, new neighbor or a significant other, you might want to help them commemorate this time in their life by getting them a gift. Sure, going with some of the regular choices may be good enough, seeing how it is usually intention that counts the most, but why not go a bit more specific than that and get them something more… well, thematic. Here are five creative ideas that are bound to make every new homeowner happy.

5 Creative Gift Ideas That Will Make Every New Homeowner Happy 3

  • Interesting Entrance Mat

One of the things that every household absolutely needs to have is its very own “Welcome” mat. Still, amidst all the commotion around the choice of the right property to buy, negotiations and a difficult move, it is quite likely that the homeowner won’t remember to get it right away. This is what makes the gift so perfect. Luckily, there are so many great ideas out there for you to choose from, starting with classics like “Welcome” and “Home Sweet Home” to funny phrases such as “Oh no! You again”.

  • Toolbox Kit

Another thing you may want to get them is their own toolbox kit. The best thing about this gift is that, like the entrance mat, it is that it’s highly symbolic. Owning it represents that you are not only the owner of the place but that you are now in charge of its upkeep as well. Aside from the symbolic it also has a practical side as well, seeing how it contains tools that an average homeowner needs on a semi-weekly basis. You can either go with a bit more expensive option and buy a premade toolbox kit or you can go above and beyond to build it yourself. The last option is both more frugal, not to mention how it is much more personal.

  • Curtains

Next great idea would be to buy this special someone new curtains. When it comes to furnishing the place, most people focus on major furniture items such as coffee table, sofa or the TV. This makes essential items like curtains and rugs (which have a major impact on the overall interior design) completely slip their mind. Without them, however, their home may end up looking either empty or at very least unfinished. This is why it might be a good idea to check out custom made curtains retailers from Perth and see what they have to offer.

  • Barbecue Grill

One of the most iconic aspects of actually owning a house is marking barbecue on your porch every Sunday afternoon. Because of this, you might want to consider getting them a BBQ grill. Sure, this may be a bit more expensive than what you initially had in mind, but it can truly make a huge difference in your friend’s first weekend in their brand new home.

  • A Houseplant

Finally, for all those who like the above-listed ideas, but can’t really squeeze them into their tight budget there is another option. We are of course talking about the fail-proof idea of getting this new homeowner a houseplant. Here, you will have a wide choice of going with Christmas cactus, orchids or even paperwhite, depending on your personal disposition and that of your friend.

In Conclusion

Sure, there are some other options you could consider like gifting your friend some gardening tools, home repair books or even towels. Still, if you have the option, it would feel much more personal to get them any of the above-mentioned items. The reason behind this is simple – aside from demonstrating that you actually care, it adds to the emotional value of their place, thus quickly turning it from a house into a real home. This alone is the idea one simply cannot put a price tag on.

By Helen Bradford