Don’t you get tired of getting an "Employee of the Month" certificate every damn time there’s a recognition party in the office? Funny that I should be asking this, but everytime I look at the wall of my house, I roll my eyes everytime I read the words and letters inscribed in this cheap piece of paper. I’m not trying to be an ingrate; I’m really happy and all that the current job that I have actually does appreciate people who really work their hardest, but sometimes, you also need a fresh new idea for an office award. If you’re a manager of an office and you want your people to feel appreciated, perhaps you’d want something more practical instead of a certificate or a trophy.

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Maybe your employees wants a shirt.

Weird, isn’t it? But it’s actually quite a good idea. T-shirts are very practical and make really great reward items. If you really want to liven things up, then get a shirt with a funny message on the front. An office joke or even a funny congratulations note with everyone’s signature on the back. Heck, you can even give funny shirts to those who need help with work. This works as some sort of confidence booster for them.

If you’re still not convinced, then here’s five reasons why you should give funny tshirts to your employees for the office awards:

5. Practicality – Let’s face it; giving certificates is boring and utterly good for home and office decorations only. Whenever my boss gives me a certificate as an office award, I simply hang up the thing on my wall. That’s if the certificate is already placed inside a frame; if not, I just place it inside a folder and let the thing rot inside my cabinet.

With a tshirt award, your employees get to wear it even during office hours. I bet they’ll be proud when the words "Employee of the Month" is on the front side of the tshirt. As for those struggling for getting the month’s quota or workload, the words "Slowpoke of the Month" may entice them to work more along with a little humor too.

4. Inspiration – Would you, as an employee, work more than what is asked for you if all you get is the same old certificate or trophy from your boss? Of course not! Come to think of it, I can just print out my very own certificate and give it to myself as a reward for working hard for the month.

Alright, now that is a little weird.

In any case, the chances of getting a shirt because of a little improvement for the month seems an exciting prospect for an employee. I mean, come on! A free t-shirt? Who gives you a free tshirt nowadays? Also, make sure that the t-shirt is of good quality and that you know the tshirt size of the employee. Otherwise, it would’ve just been a waste of time.

3. Fun Factor – The idea of having a customised tshirt as an office reward gives the office a fun atmosphere. For the lucky employee, they can choose either a funny quote, an office joke, or a funny picture as well. As for me, having a funny quote with Grumpy Cat on the front is my dream shirt!

Well, this certainly explains how I feel about Mondays in the office.

2. Availability – Companies that deal with customised tshirts are everywhere in the Internet. Simply use Google and your monitor will be filled with links and websites of tshirt companies who are into custom shirt designs. Of course, there are fees involved, but they’re not too expensive compared to making a custom trophy for your Employee of the Year. You just give them the design that you want for your shirt and it’s good as done.

1. Reputation – There are only a few companies out there who give out free customised shirts to their employees as a reward system. Therefore, more people will get the idea that your office is a fun place to be in. It’s a real boost, especially if you’re looking to hire more people for the office. Oh, and let’s not forget the fact that if your employees are wearing the tshirts you gave them, it acts as some sort of advertising as well. But don’t place too much ads on the shirts!

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Jessica Greenberg is an avid blogger from San Diego, California. She’s a firm believer of the motto "a shirt a day keeps office resignations away!"When she’s not working, she prefers to stay at home and watch movies or surf the Internet.