If you know a family who are having a christening for their child you will want to get the perfect gift for them to remember their big day.

Christening gifts are usually gifts that they can keep for their lives and look back on to remember the day.

1. Bracelets

A traditional christening gift you could buy is a piece of jewelry such as a bracelet. These are usually made from silver and can have the child’s name engraved on it with the date too. They can wear it on the day but it would then be kept as a keepsake.

2. Candles

Candles that have the printed words of a poem, passage of scripture or any toher poignant words read at their christening is also a popular choice of gift. This gift you would have to have sent off to be made or you could try to make it yourself, however it is not one you could have ready on the day. It is also unlikely the candle will ever be burned as this will ruin the design on the front it is a keepsake not a functional gift.

3. Cutlery

A lot of people buy silver spoons or cutlery as this is a tradition stemming back through time. The silver was seen as something precious which is a parallel to the child itself. Nowadays people will get the silver cutlery and the parents can choose to have it engraved with sayings, phrases or the child’s name.

4. A Memory Box

There are some absolutely beautiful memory boxes which are made specifically for christenings. Some are made from silver to match the old tradition but you can find some that are cheaper which have beautiful carvings and engravings on. Most will allow you to have a picture printed on or fitted in to a frame.

5. A Christening Print

A christening print is a very modern gift. This comprises of a lovely frame with a piece of card under the glass. On the card you can customize this to say the child’s name, date, place and time of the christening. These details are arranged in a modern tetris type style with bright colors you can choose. These look very effective and it is a fantastic gift they can have hanging in their room or around the family home.

6. A Christening Book

A wonderfully sentimental gift to give at a christening is a christening book. The book can be passed around all of the guests who attend to write a special message for the child being christened. The book can also have pictures put into it from the day and hold an order of service or words that were spoken. It is a lovely gift to look back through and reread when the child gets older.

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