Sterling Silver Jewellery may be a highly appreciated gift if you know the preferences of the person who you will give it to.

Fashionable young ladies will adore the Handmade Jewellery because they can be worn at anytime of the day or night. It looks just as good with t-shirts and jeans as it does with classy evening dresses.

Sterling Silver Bracelets

Silver bracelets are offered in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. Some of their designs are studded with gemstones like diamonds, emeralds and rubies.

Prices range from as little as $33.00 on up and are offered in both women’s and men’s styles.

Silver bracelets are seen in many fashions. Simple silver chains or thicker bands are popular as are Silver Bangles bracelets thanks to recent fashion whims.

7 Silver Jewellery Gift Ideas

1. Trio Silver Bracelet

Silver Bracelet1

Three strands of colored stones on a delicate silver chain.

Price? £19.00.

2. Silver Beaded Bracelet with Shimmering Droplets

Silver Bracelet2

Silver beaded bracelet with silver petals.
This is a real stunner and tipped to be one of our best sellers. Very eye catching!

Price? £24.00.

3. Silver Bracelet with Pink Droplets

Silver Bracelet4

This is a beautiful bracelet; very lightweight with delicate pink crystal drops.

Price? £18.00.

4. Silver Cushion Bracelet

Silver Bracelet6

A beautiful silver bracelet decorated with multicoloured hard resin squares which have a floral design. This is an eyecatching, bright and cheerful bracelet,which will complement any outfit.

This is a terrific bracelet a real good looker!

Price? £29.00.

5. Amber Heart Bangle

Silver Bangle1

Amber colored heart mounted on a sterling silver bangle. A classically designed piece.

Price? £28.00.

6. Silver hammered effect bangle

Silver Bangle2

An extremely pretty, waved silver bangle with a hammered effect finish.

Price? £17.00.

7. Silver Bangle with Stones

Silver Bangle3

Silver bangle with clip and clasp fixing. Seven integral purple mounted stones make this an eye-catching piece of jewellery.

Price? £23.00.


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