Everyone loves music. We all listen to it on our phones, Mp3 players or home cinemas. Some of us are gifted and like to play their own music. Even if you are not a natural talent, nowadays it is easier than ever to learn to play on an instrument. And maybe you won’t have top performances but you can definitely have a lot of fun.

AI know a lot of people who like to play an instrument and they claim that this is the best anti stress technique they ever tried. I am considering learning to play the piano myself and this got me the gift idea of today – offering music lessons as gifts.

Everyone wanting to learn more about music will appreciate this kind of present. Music lessons as gifts can be offered any time of the year with virtually every occasion, the only condition is that the receiver should want to learn how to play an instrument.

When offering music lessons there are two options: online courses and taking piano, voice, violin, guitar and drum lessons near the home. So you basically need to chose between offline and online lessons.

The online are cheaper but the student won’t have a real person correcting their mistakes and this step is crucial in the learning process because there is a learning curve and it is important to correct the mistakes and learn form them. Online courses have many advantages: the user can learn from everywhere in the world, the student chose the learning program and so on. They are a convenient choice and these lessons are perfect for advanced students who know the basics.

The classical lessons with a teacher usually more expensive than the online courses but this is the way to go for a beginner. There are plenty of good music schools in our days and most of them are using modern technologies.

With a simple internet research you should be able to find a good music school in your area. For example if you live in one of these areas: Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Vistancia, Anthem, Phoenix, Glendale or Deer Valley you should look for West Valley & North Phoenix music lessons.

In just a few minutes I was able to find a good school called –  The Note Room Academy of Music which has been involved in piano instruction & music education which offers services in the Phoenix & West Valley area.

They offer a music lessons such as piano, voice, violin, guitar and drum lessons and also offer theater (drama) lessons.

When it comes to piano their moto is – “Learn to play piano from Bach to Rock”.I really enjoyed this video – Bella’s Lullaby & Prelude in Db “Raindrop” performed by – Judy. ANd I think that the moto is cool.

I had a look at their instructors and they seem like top professionals:

  •  Angie Gater has 33 years of Instruments taught: Piano, flute, and voice.
  •  Shirley Hayes Mollyhorn is a piano expert
  • Tracy Williams who teaches guitar worked with many of the major names in the music industry including Ray Charles, Jay Leno, Bernadette Peters, Al Green, Regis Philbin, Debbie Reynolds, Merv Griffin, Alan Thiche, Carole Lawrence, Rich Little, George Burns, Bob Hope, Dinah Shore, The 5th Dimension., Frankie Avalon, Mickey Dolenz, Robert Goulet, Roger Williams, Janis Siegel, Tommy Tune, Eva Gabor, Allan King Joel Grey.

The prices for music lessons are affordable:

  • $28.75 per 30 minute lesson
  • $41.25 per 45 minute lesson
  • $55.00 per 60 minute lesson
  • $27.50 per lesson family rate
  • and there is also a one-time Administration Fee of $25.00

The student will receive all the teaching materials.

So offering music lessons as gifts is a great idea for a music enthusiast and in plus these are affordable.