Flowers have been a symbol of friendship, passion, love, sympathy, life, death, and every other event or feeling in between. Flowers are often used to speak when someone cannot form the words with their own lips.

Roses are among the most popular of flowers, and they are used as gifts or decorations for many different occasions.

White roses are most often used in weddings. Historically speaking, weddings were times of celebrating purity and innocence. Though that sentiment is not longer part of the modern wedding ceremony, brides still wear white and use white as a theme in their weddings. White roses can be part of the bride’s bouquet, can form a wreath for centerpieces, or can even adorn the wedding cake.

Red roses are most often used for times of romantic or sensual occasion. Everyone has seen the movie or the commercial in which the man tosses red roses petals in a path along the floor, then showers the bed with rose petals. Also, red roses can be used as decorations at intimate dinners or as gifts to romantic dates, spouses, or lovers.

Yellow roses are used for funerals to symbolize sympathy for the departed, but they can also be used to show friendship (though one hopes that the two meanings never cross). Orange roses are used during celebrations for commencement, promotion, or retirement because they symbolize moving forward and meeting goals.

For every occasion there is a rose for that, but learning which one is appropriate will help save you from confusion and mishaps. Why not browse for a unique range of gift ideas for your relatives in India ?