If you know a new mum and you need some good ideas for gifts, you’ve found the right blog post! Buying a suitable gift for a newborn can be tricky, you want to get something that shows thought and will be useful for the new mum.

Buy bigger clothes

This is a great tip that every new mum is sure to appreciate. Plenty of people will buy baby clothes; it’s a great gift; but why not plan ahead a little and buy some clothes which will be wearable for the little one in a month or three down the line? Once the baby has grown out of all it’s first sets of clothes the mum will really appreciate having some move on to!

Diapers, wipes and other bits

You may not think about it, but the cost of diapers and the various other bits you need can really add up. This is perhaps one of the most expensive aspects of having a new baby. So any new mum will certainly appreciate packs of these essentials. It’s not exciting, but every little helps.

Something for the mother

Having a baby is seriously tiring, and those first few months of motherhood are no holiday either. So why not think a little less practical and a little more for the mother. A special little token can really mean a lot for a new mother, chocolates or a little pampering will almost certainly be appreciated.

Gift cards

Ok, so perhaps not as imaginative, but again, babies are expensive, so any little tokens will certainly help the new mum to finance things at a time when money is sure to be tight.

Further more, for a mother who would usually have to stick to bargain stores and free baby samples it can be really nice to have a giftcard for a more up market baby store… It’s nice to buy something a little special when you can.

Why not pool?

If you have a group of collective friends, why not suggest everyone pool together for a more expensive gift? If you all put in your money you could get something like a cot or pushchair, something which will really be needed and will really lift a burden from the new mothers bank balance.

Why not ask?

Ok, surprises are great and everything, but sometimes it is better to just make sure you get something that will actually be of use. So if you are struggling to think of something suitable, just ask! The mother is sure to be delighted by your asking and then you can make sure she gets whatever it is that she really needs.