You may not realize it but father’s day is just around the corner, and if your dad is anything like mine, thinking of gift ideas is next to impossible…

So what about golf? My dad likes his golf, he’s not a fanatic by any stretch, but he does like to play. So I thought this year I might actually buy him a golf club. Apparently putters a reasonably priced, so I figured one of those would go down well.

A putter is the most important piece of equipment any golfer owns, as it is the club that is used most often in a round of golf. So any golfer you know is sure to be delighted with a shiny new putter.

Of course, as a complete novice, when you walk into a golf retail store, you’ll find a confusing array of putter choices, and it can be a somewhat daunting quest to figure out which type would be best for whoever you are buying for.

The best way you can figure out what sort of a putter to buy is to pinch your dad’s old one whilst he’s not looking. Take it into a pro shop if you can and see if you can speak to a golf pro. He will be able to tell you things about the putter, such as the loft, length, weight and lots of other things that probably won’t mean a lot to you.

Have a think about whether you think your dad has improved his game lately, if he is new to the sport then it might be time to move up a level. If he has been playing a while then you might want to get a new putter which is pretty similar to the old one. Again, a pro will be able to advise you.

Buying a golf club for someone else is tricky, and it’s pretty understandable why you would not want to; but if your father is a keen golfer then he is sure to appreciate the thought, and the one thing I am sure of is that no golfer is ever unhappy to receive a brand new club!

Alternatively of course, you could just give him some money toward his next golfing holiday! See if you can find somewhere where he can play golf all day whilst the rest of the family go and enjoy the sun.