Buying Christmas gifts for coworkers can be challenging if you don’t know their wishes and also a lot of people are uncomfortable offering a gift to their boss.

Christmas Gifts For Coworkers 5

There are many gifts which can be offered to a coworker and in today post you will find some gift ideas.

You should know a few things about the receiver: if he/she has the sense of humor or not, what she/he likes and so on. By knowing just a few facts will be useful for you to decide on what to get.

To make things easier I have divided the gifts in 4 categories: general gifts for coworkers,for men, women and bosses.

General gifts

These gifts are recommended for men and women alike and also can be offered to your boss.

Christmas gift baskets can be offered to all your coworkers if you have the budget. If you want to learn more about these gifts you should read my previous blog post called Best Gourmet Christmas Gift Baskets.

Also wine bottles and gift cards can be suitable gifts for your coworkers.

And this time of the year the Christmas related products like ornaments and mugs can be an inspired choice.

Christmas gift ides for women

For the women you work with you can get sweets. Most women love sweets but because they care about their weight don’t buy sweet things very often. So they love receiving something sweet fro time to time.

Another gift which will be appreciated is a personalized USB flash drive.

Christmas Gifts For Coworkers 6

These flash drives can be made to be cute and look good and women like nice things.

Christmas gift ides for men

For men you can get sports items, video games, funny t-hsirts and  gadgets.

Christmas gift ides for your boss

You shouldn’t be intimidated by offering a gift to your boss. There are plenty of safe choices. You can offer:

  • a personalized liquor decanter
  • business books
  • a wine rack
  • a wooden photo box
  • a solar charger