Credit cards as gift ideas are covered in today post. The following post is a paid review.

Secured Credit Cards offers credit cards that you may offer as gifts.

Secured credit cards

Secured credit cards are the best option for you. It might be due to some unpredictable circumstances, unforeseen financial hazards or bankruptcy that you failed to repay loans. These are enough to spoil your creditrating. Unsecured cards definitely give you a higher purchasing capability but when your market reputation is at stake you cannot obtain an unsecured card. Right at this situation your duty is to improve your creditreport, which is possible only when you obtain a secured card.

Secured Credit Cards gift offers

Orchard Bank MasterCard

The Orchard Bank MasterCard® are designed for those with little or damaged. We’ve helped millions of people obtain credit who may not have traditionally qualified for a creditcard.

Advatages of Orchard Bank MasterCard: Low Annual Fees, Competitive APRs, Periodic CreditLimit Increase Review, Complimentary Online Services for Account Management and Payment.

New Millennium Bank Platinum Visa® or MasterCard®

You have been approved for a secured Platinum Visa® and a Platinum MasterCard® with a total creditlimit of $10,000*! You get the benefits of Platinum status: emergency cash transfers, free $150,000 accident insurance,
free auto rental insurance, free extended warranty protection.

Advatages for New Millennium Bank Platinum Visa or MasterCard: Guaranteed issue, no creditcheck, ever you are approved regardless.

To apply for a credit card visit Secured Credit Cards site.