Make yourself and your family a surprise gift: a Dish Network subscription.

You can access over 200 top-quality channels including: music, sports, movies and local channels.


In this period you can find the best dish network deals. For example if you subscribe you’ll get a free DVD (or HD DVR upgrade). The DVR receiver is capable of holding 250 gigabytes on its hard drive which translates into about 180 hours of standard definition TV, the HD DVR units may cost additional fees and recording times take up extra space. With 180 hours standard you will be able to store your family’s favorite weekly programs and movies!

Special Dish Network Offers also include:

  • free 6 months (for 18 months plans)
  • 3 months free 15 commercial movies channels like HBO and Cine max (for 18 months plans)

Why Satellite TV as gift?

  • Satellite TV has more channels available.
  • Satellite TV provides better picture quality.
  • Satellite TV is more reliable.
  • Satellite TV subscriptions cost less than cable.
  • Satellite can offer more High Definition programming than cable.

A Satellite TV will be the perfect gift for a person who watches TV a lot. This will be a new TV experience: better quality, more programs and lower costs