In today post I will show you some gift giving ideas for moms.

The first gift is 52 Oz Black Lava/Orange Liquid Lava Light. Lava liquid lamps are very appreciated because they change the atmosphere in the room.

52 Oz Black Lava Orange Liquid Lava Light

For 40 years, LAVA has captivated generations with their trademarked shape and timeless styles.

They are the perfect addition to any bedroom, living room, or party space. Simply turn on this lamp and set the mood.

The orange and black combination of this lave light will cheer up any room.

Another gift idea for mom is the The Beatles Monopoly. Obviously she must be a Beatles fan to appreciate this gift.

The Beatles Monopoly 

There are many gifts you can offer your mom. A friend of mine even bought a Baby Laplander Hat because he knew his mom has a strong sense of humor.