Any new mom will tell you that beginning the adventure into motherhood is both an exciting and terrifying time. Once mom and baby have made it home from the hospital she’s sure to be a little overwhelmed and unsure as to how to pick her life back up with the newest addition to the family. If you’re looking to get her a little something to make her life easier, try one of these four gift ideas:

1. Food: Learning to balance caring for a baby and caring for yourself and your spouse is something that a lot of new moms struggle with, and finding the time to cook a decent meal can seem like an insurmountable hurdle. Cook a big meal, like lasagna, that will last the family for a few days and save them from ordering take-out again or heating up another frozen meal.

2. A massage: Pregnancy and birth can put new moms through the ringer, and booking her a relaxing massage can be just what she needs to relax after the experience. It’s unlikely that she’s had any time to focus on herself, and an hour long massage can be exactly what she needs to recharge.

3. Nail polish: After months of not even being able to see her toes, some pretty new nail polish will make the perfect gift to celebrate being able to see her feet again! Pick up an assortment of hues in her favorite shades so that she can pain them herself, or take her to a much-needed and appreciated pedicure appointment.

4. Gift certificates: Along the same lines as bringing casseroles and other heat-and-eat dishes, gift certificates to the new parents’ favorite restaurants can be a welcome gift. This will save both parents from having to cook for a night or two while allowing them to indulge in some of their favorite meals.

You come to appreciate the little things in life once you step into motherhood, like the first indulgent bite of your favorite dish or being able to see your toes sparkle in your favorite color. Help a new momma out by gifting her with any one of these gifts; she’s sure to be very appreciative.

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