In our days a lot of people smoke. Years ago I was trying to convince them to quit but I got zero success. So now I buy them smoking related gifts.

I usually get for my smoker friend fine cigars because they all like a special treat from time to time. Other good gifts for smokers are beautiful ashtrays (I prefer the hand made ones), cigar humidors and electronic cigars (you should see first if they like the idea because most smokers prefer the classic ones). 


When I want to buy a present for a smoker I first have a look at cigars from Famous Smoke Shop. They sell premium cigars and most smoker enjoy a special treat because they smoke the same cigars every day and people appreciate trying something new.

A humidor is another thing you may consider offering as gift. This items are loved by smokers because they keep their precious cigars safe from humidity and also keeps the cigars flavor for a longer period. If you want to get one look for the one which seals tightly and also looks good (I like the Spanish cedar models because they are beautiful).

Another recommended gift for a smoker is an ashtray. Most people like the ones made from metal or crystal. If you prefer hand made gifts there are a lot of online shops which are selling unique items.