People working in oil rigs can be hard to buy gifts for: they usually spend a good amount of time away from home, and their living conditions are usually not so roomy that they can afford to bring a lot of stuff with them. There are some things that they’ll probably find useful on their rigs though, or things that celebrate their profession, and these will probably be very welcome.

Gifts for Oil Drillers

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Good Work Gloves

If you’re close to the person you’re giving the gift to, you can go with a good pair of work gloves. Make sure you get the fit, grip, and thickness right, though, since gloves are important in working with oil and gas drilling equipment.

Good Shades

Another important part of oil rig attire, you need to make sure anything you give really provides good eye protection, covering peripheral vision as well. The arms should also either fit well or be adjustable, so you can be sure the shades won’t fall off easily in the course of their work. Of course it goes without saying that those shades should be sturdy enough to take some abuse and come away from it in one piece.

Comfortable Jacket

This should keep the recipient warm without hindering movement, so make sure you know the temperatures they have to contend with and that you get the sizing right. Wind- and waterproofing are also important.

Good Work Shoes

Another must in the oil driller’s gear, shoes that have a good grip on slippery surfaces are vital, and it’s a definite plus if they look good off the rig as well.

A Spillproof Mug

A good spillproof mug that’s tough enough to withstand being dropped a few times is almost a basic necessity on a rig, where the working conditions can get pretty rough, and a cup of joe is almost always welcome. It’s even better if you can find a way to personalize the gift or to get one that’s themed to oil rigs.

Oil Rig Model

The gift to give someone who loves his job so much he misses it when he’s on leave. There are some very good models around, and your budget is going to play a large part in dictating which one you should get.

iPhone Case

Just because you’re working a macho job doesn’t mean you can’t be a techie. It means you need a good casing for your iPhone though, one that can take a few knocks and scrapes and still look good after. There are iPhone cases that are oil rig themed, and some shops will allow you to personalize your iPhone case even further.

Personalized Items/Oil-Driller Themed Items

These might be some of the less expensive items on this list, but they show your moral support of the receiver’s line of work, which is good to have at a time when the oil industry is demonized by so many people. Stickers, posters, tees, keychains, caps, and license plates are just some of the options available, and you can give a combination of items if you want.

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