Showing your employees that you appreciate them is imperative. When an employee outperforms all of the others in an organization, rewarding them and recognizing them as the Employee of the Month is an effective way to show your appreciation, but you cannot simply announce the recognition without giving a gift. There are a wide range of different gifts that you can give your Employee of the Month that will speak volumes. Here are some gifts that are right for any employee:

Gifts You Can Give Your Employee Of The Month

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A Preferred Parking Spot

Recognition plaques, framed certificates, trophies, and banners are a great way to honor employees who perform, but they should be accompanied by a gift. If you are looking for a great gift to give that will not cost the organization any money, consider assigning your Employee of the Month a preferred parking spot for the entire month. Parking right in front of the front door to the office is a great incentive for employees.

Gift Cards Go a Long Way

If you do have a budget to work with, gift cards and prepaid cards are a great reward. Studies show that employees would much rather receive a prepaid card that they can use on whatever they want than a gift card to a store they will never shop at. If you can get bargains on store gift cards, choose popular retail, grocery, or electronics store that are located closed to the office. After all, you want your Employee of the Month to be able to put their reward to use.

Dinner with the Boss

Employees who are outperforming everyone else in the organization generally have a goal to advance and work their way up the ladder. In organizations where getting time with the boss is virtually impossible, setting up a nice dinner with the boss could be the perfect gift. Let the employee choose the restaurant, set aside time for the higher-ups to attend, and encourage the employee to keep up their good work.

Give Them a Day Off

Working your hardest can be exhausting and overwhelming. If you are rewarding your Employee of the Month for achieving a difficult goal, why not give them a much deserved day off? If you want to go a step further, pay for a spa day so that they can unwind and rejuvenate.

Boosting employee morale is extremely important. Show your employees that you are paying attention, recognize them, reward them, and you can retain all of your talent and identify who will make a great candidate for a promotion.

Article by Annabelle Smyth