How to Enjoy a Quality Cigar

Some still believe that only older men enjoy a good cigar. In reality, men and women from many walks of life enjoy getting together over a good stogie. Cigar smoking tends to be a communal activity, which is often accompanied by good food and wine for a relaxed evening out.

Lighting the Cigar

Cigar smoking involves unique rituals. One involves the lighting of the cigar. Cigarette smokers tend to be blasé about lighting up and do not give the process much thought. Cigars take longer to light, and there is a procedure involved. Experts advise using a butane lighter as butane will not affect the flavor of the smoke. Tip the cigar at a 45-degree angle and rotate the flame around the edge of the tip. This is called toasting the cigar. As the tip begins to smolder, take two or three short puffs on the other end. Aficionados love to take their time when lighting a good cigar.

How to Enjoy a Quality Cigar 1
Cigar gifts. Source Unsplash

Smoking the Cigar

Smoking a cigar is also a more leisurely activity than smoking a cigarette. Smokers often take one puff or so every minute as they rotate their cigar. Do not inhale cigar smoke. Rather, savor the flavor of the smoke in your mouth, letting it linger before exhaling. If the smoke is too hot, chances are good that the cigar is being smoked too quickly. A good cigar will be somewhat moist and will slowly extinguish itself when put down. There is no need to flick ash, and doing so is considered poor etiquette. Likewise, do not stub out your cigar. Generally, cigar enthusiasts enjoy taking their time with a cigar, letting it last as long as two or three hours.

Enjoying a cigar is one of life’s pleasures. While some enjoy searching for cuban cigars for sale in us, the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Jamaica are also known for their quality exports. If you are new to the cigar scene, consider trying different brands from different countries to find your favorite.