Organizing a promotional package can be hard work, if you’re not sure how to approach it. The process is actually simple, when you understand the methods used for best presentation and packaging. Best practice is to create a very straightforward “assembly line” for creating your gift packages. You can use shopping bags, promotional bags and even Green bags to simplify the process and add value to the presentation.

We’ve got a few tips for those who want to ensure their promotional packages are top quality.

There are several stages of production for assembling promotional gift packages:

Assembling Promotional Materials

Typically a promotional gift package is themed to a product, service or brand. The first stage of creating a promotional package is to assemble the materials of the package. The materials may be:

  • Information sheets
  • Promotional gifts related to the product
  • Related information and booklets
  • Contact materials for sales reps
  • Materials related to promotional programs

The issues here are straightforward-

  1. How much space does your package need?
  2. Do your items need to be wrapped or otherwise require containers?
  3. How heavy is the package? Does it need a strong container, etc.?

These issues are the basis of your packaging requirements.

Packaging Your Promotional Gifts

The packaging of your gifts needs to be very simple and straightforward. Packaging can be costly and it can make a dent in your promotion budget. If you need wrapping or containers, you also need to lock in costs for this part of the package.

This is the area where you need to find a good, reliable method for packaging that reduces net cost while covering the basic needs of your presentation and handling your promotional items. Best practice in this area comes from an unexpected source- Promotional bags. New technology has made it possible to use “designer” bags for promotions, complete with top quality printing and good materials. The “bag equation” is based on controlling costs and quality in production and at the presentation end.

Presentation and Design Elements

The presentation of any promotional gift package is the core business element for promoters. This is the delivered product and it has to look good. This may seem daunting, but you’ve already got the solution- Your packaging and your content. All you need to do is assemble them to create your presentation.

Presentation is based on several very basic factors:

  • Visual content
  • Brand identification
  • Quality of materials

This is actually very simple to do operationally:

  1. Use the packaging as the primary visual content. The big promotional bags can be fabulous designs, and if it can be digitally formatted, it can be printed on these bags.
  2. Brand identity is best done with logos and clear branding of materials. This is another printing issue on the packaging, and equally simple.
  3. Quality of materials is defined at the assembly stage. You can be as selective as you like about your materials, and organize your packaging accordingly.

The really important part of this process is that when you’ve established your working methods for putting together your promotional gift packages, you’ll be able to do this work extremely efficiently in future. Take the time to examine your options for promotional gift packages, and you’ll find that you can have your packages looking great and assembled like clockwork.