Most of the women that are petite sized have problems in finding clothes that would fit the body perfectly. This is because there are not many clothes that would be available. If the woman is also a plus size, everything becomes more complicated.


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The good news is that there are many retailers that are currently catering plus size womens dresses and skirts. The same thing can be said about all clothes types but when referring to the petite plus sized woman, not much is available. If this is your case, make sure that you consider the following tips.

Making A Compromise

When you are a petite plus woman, regular size clothes can be used if you are a little creative. As a simple example, there are many petite plus sized women that would use Capri pants in order to look great. Short skirts for the woman that is regular size can be a great fit for the potential woman because of the waist fit and the appropriate length.

You should never be afraid to look at regular size clothes in order to find a perfect fit. In various situations you will love the clothes that you would find. There is no need to go to a tailor in order to have clothes fit on your body. Nobody really knows the fact that your clothes’ sizes are different.

Look For Local Tailors

There are some situations in which you will need to go to the tailor. That is normally the case when choices are limited, exactly as when your frame is petite plus. Many clothes can be used but you need to be careful about how you wear clothes. A really good local tailor can help you out a lot. This includes situations in which the legs of your pants are too long or the sleeves of your shirt would hang way too low. Local tailors are capable of hemming clothes so that fit is perfect.

Finding Favourite Clothes Stores

Every single woman, including petite sized, will have clothes stores that are favourite because there are clothes that would fit the frame properly. Even if it is always great to look for other stores, never overlook those clothes stores that are favourites as they can offer exactly what you need. Many retail shops will not cater to a petite plus woman but the collection that is offered would be suitable. As a simple tip, do consider going to the popular, large chains.

Always Be Yourself

Never change your personality simply because of the fact that the number of clothes available for your frame is limited. Individuality does exist. That is especially the case for women that do step outside of the box. Develop a style that is unique and make sure that your personality always shines and is reflected through the clothes that you choose. This is the best thing that you can do since it will help you to easily be happier with you. Confidence is really important and petite plus sized women can look great thanks to the tips mentioned above.

By Ryan