People who sell gifts put something of themselves into the things they offer the public and they want the perfect packaging for the gift.

I’d say that in particular, people who hand craft gifts, prefer handcrafted packaging for their articles because it’s so adaptable.

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We’ve certainly never met anyone, however, who doesn’t want the gift they choose for a special occasion, whoever made it, to look as good as it is when it’s placed on the table with all the other gifts.

We have a range of bags and boxes and envelopes which offers a gift-giver quite a choice.  If you don’t see what you want there then tell us what you have in mind and let us make it for you.

We are based in the town of Kleinmond in the Overberg region of the Western Cape, South Africa.  We don’t have a shop but you can visit our website, or contact Rosemary at [email protected]

By Rosemary