Summer is a time of relaxation and rest for kids. They get to sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy life without homework, projects or tests. Parents want to make this time more enjoyable for them and let them just relax and be a kid. If you are looking for something to help your little one celebrate summer, you may want to pick up a few things for your kids to enjoy. Here are the top five items every child want to enjoy on this year’s long break from school.

Water Games

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They want to visit their friends, travel around town and have fun this summer. That means having a mode of transportation. Younger kids may long for scooters while older boys and girls dream of a new bike. If you have a teenager with a driver’s license, then they are really hoping to borrow the car keys this summer. Regardless of your child’s age, take steps to help your boy or girl enjoy a little more mobility this year.

Late Nights

Summer is for catching fireflies and playing outside until the street lights turn on. When they do come in, the kids may want to just relax in front of the television or their favorite video games. Let your kids enjoy summer a little more this year by giving the gift of staying up a little later at night.

Water Games

All those hot days spent playing with friends leave your kids searching for a way to cool off. Refreshing water games are perfect for children from young toddlers to teenagers who are preparing for college. You don’t need to have a pool to give your kids the gift of water games. Consider picking up a sprinkler your toddler can play with. Buy water guns for your older kids to chase each other with. If you have an older child who swims, then you may want to make arrangements for them to visit area pools or other swimming areas.

Comfortable Clothes

Summer is not a time for stuffy suits or dress shoes. This is the moment for sandals, flip-flops and clothes that you can kick back and relax in. When it comes to comfort, Jack & Jones coloured chinos rock. Make sure your kids are dressed and ready for summer time with shorts, swimsuits, sandals, and any other necessary summer clothes.

Time with Friends

Most importantly, your kids want time with friends this summer. They will look back on these days for years to come, and you want them to remember these weeks with pleasure. Make time for them to hang out with friends, have sleepovers and build those awesome summer memories. Offer to take them to parks, theme parks, and other fun summer activities.

Not all gifts for your kids have to cost money. These presents all come from the heart as you make plans and put together a summer that will be truly enjoyable. Start with comfortable clothes and finish it up with plenty of time spent with friends.

Article by Dixie Somers