Like I said in a previous post when someone is buying a house or an apartment the budget usually will run out before buying all the wanted things. This is why it is a great idea to offer to a new home owner items for the house.

First you must see what she/he has and inform yourself about the things the receiver wants. I like offering products which are beautiful and useful in the same time. My friends recently moved in their new house and I am planning to offer them two beautiful vanity mirrors.

The first is called Duchess- European Style Duchess Mirror and it is really beautiful because it’s hand-forged iron is twisted into graceful curves, while the trumpeted shades celebrate the beauty of light with their warm gradation of color.

Duchess- European Style Duchess Mirror

The second one is called the Quoizel Mirror and it is made from metal finished with a dark bronze patina.

Quoizel Mirror

I think these mirrors will look great in my friends house because both match their tastes and fit with the products they already have.

I am also considering getting some vanity lighting products to math the Duchess mirror. But I want to see what they bought first because I want my gifts to be appreciated.