Signet rings have a long and tumultuous history. Once worn solely by men, these bulky bands symbolized power, wealth and status in society. Things have changed a lot over the years. Today’s modern signet rings are exquisite, delicate, and extremely interesting. Increasingly more women wear them too, and the variety of styles and models is endless. If you’re looking for the best gift for your beloved daughter, you should know that a signet ring might be exactly what she needs.


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How to choose the best signet ring for your daughter

Signet rings for women are a lot different than signets for men. Thinner but equally enticing, they feature many interesting models and styles. Before making a purchase, make sure that you know the size of your daughter’s ring finger. Next, it’s time to pick the metal. Gold and platinum are both excellent choices; but if you can’t afford either material, you can always sick to stainless steel or silver.


The best gifts are usually the ones that are personalized. This way the receiver feels special. Your daughter will certainly want to feel that way. Choose a signet ring that you can customize. A beautiful engraving or a floral crest will instantly grab her attention. Another great idea is to etch a message; something that is significant only to you and her. Make your daughter feel special on her birthday or wedding day, and offer her a signet ring that screams originality.


Before offering your daughter a signet ring as a gift, you must check out her tastes in fashion jewelry first. Does she like modern accessories, classic sets or is she more into vintage-like pieces? It’s very important to choose a ring that appeal to her sense of style and personal preferences. An octagon signet ring for example, can fit perfectly on the finger of someone who fancies minimalistic type of jewelry items. The architectural, edgy design is sleek and modern. It exudes simplicity but at the same time good taste and innovation.


Signet rings with rubies and sapphires

Rubies and sapphires are precious stones that go really well on women fond of the vintage fashion trend. These are colorful and sparkly, and they match perfectly with yellow gold and brass. If your daughter is into the old-fashioned trend with a twist, the she’ll surely appreciate a brass signet ring with rubies and sapphires.

Make your daughter feel loved and cherished with an excellent gift

Daughters want to feel cherished, loved and appreciated by their parents. The gifts they receive should have a particular meaning and purpose. A signet ring can mean the world to your growing baby girl. So it’s up to you to give her something special. Make the gift look unique and she’ll feel you close to your heart for all eternity.


Handcrafted jewelry sets are the newest trend. The finest pieces are the ones that are attentively crafted and beautiful etched. Rings in particular, have the power of making women feel special and unique. The great variety of models in different shapes however can be a bit overwhelming. How well do you know your teenage daughter? Do you know what she likes? It’s very important that you get a feel of her fashion sense before buying her anything.

The best signet ring that money can buy doesn’t have to be the most expensive. It should have special meaning. A personalized signet ring to remind her of you and of the love that you have for her is the ultimate gift. Make your daughter proud and she’ll cherish your ring for the rest of her life!

By Jason Phillips