A lot of men are going to answer that women loves expensive gifts like: sports cars, jewelry, top brand watches, clothes and many more things that cost a fortune. And they are right, but just in part. Although women love all that it is more important to her to feel loved and understand. Getting a gift means to her that she is loved, getting an expensive gift is a pleasure because something expensive suppose a sacrifice and she feels real good “look he loves me, he makes a sacrifice buying me an expensive gift, that is great”   Â
A personal gift could be or not a luxury one. Such kind of gifts shows that you know her and you know her wishes. It is more important to choose a personal gift because that means that you understand her and you are paying attention to her needs and all women likes to feel you close to her and her desires.

In conclusion if you want to show how much you love her get her something that you know she will like and appreciate.