In these days everyone uses computers and the latest technologies, including our moms. So today I will show you how you can create unique tech gifts for your tech savvy mom. These are great for Mother’s Day.

With Mother’s Day upon us, we all want to send our tech-savvy Moms a personalized gift that lets her know how truly special she is. This is simple to do using an online service offered by is a Web 2.0+ creative sharing platform that gives you a multi-media digital canvas and easy-to-use creative tools to create and share your very own buncee.  It is very easy to create something unique because they have a lot of templates. Below you have a funny image which can be personalized with your message to make it unique.

Personalized Gifts For Tech-savvy Moms 3

Your multi-media-mashup buncee can be delivered to Mom via email or shared across the social networks!

Here’s some things you can do on  this Mother’s Day:

  • Share memories and good times in a photo/video/audio collage or digital scrapbook
  • Send a custom, heartfelt, multi-media e-card
  • Use it as a creative activity for the kids
  • Bring together things that make her smile

Also you are able to download free mobile apps to create a buncee from your IOS device.With these apps it’s easy to send digital, personalized gifts on the go.