Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, mother’s day or another special occasion, it can often be tricky thinking of what to buy our loved ones. Plus, it doesn’t help that these special occasions seem to come around so quickly.

The great thing about professional photoshoots is that there are two possible gift options. The first, and most obvious, is to book a photoshoot experience for someone. This could be in the form of a makeover photoshoot, couples photoshoot (maybe for you and your partner), family photoshoots or even glamour photoshoots.

Family photographs are a great memento; something to keep forever and pass down through the generations. If your mum is always commenting on how her grandchildren grow up so quickly, why not give her the chance to capture the special age they’re currently at with a family photoshoot? It could maybe be a shoot for all the family or even just her children and grandchildren being photographed together.

If you’re buying something for a girlfriend or wife, a couples shoot or glamour shoot could be a fun and romantic gift idea. It can be a great way of celebrating your relationship together. This type of photoshoot could also be a great gift to give to a couple you know, such as your son and his girlfriend and wife.

The second gift option is to book yourself in for a glamour or boudoir photoshoot and then give the resulting photographs to your partner. This way, you get the chance to get dolled up and have a memorable day, and they get a sexy photograph of the person they love.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas throughout the year, photoshoots may be the perfect option.