The fascinating joys of valentine are near to come and I am quite anxious to celebrate and mark up a memorable day with my valentine. But on this valentine day, I wanted to plan something unique and extraordinary which is remembered and treasured for a life time. Exchanging gifts, arranging hang outs and party celebrations are so common but actually one can’t find real contentment if he is not celebrating the day with only his partner. Because this is a day to share your deep love and affection and it could be only shown when you have ample of time and some unique plans for the day. So I thought to make the day more special by changing the overall theme of our room and decorate it fully with all red items and white used to just for the support of red.

Red Theme:

Red is often considered as a color of love. People present red roses to their partners and exchange red and white teddy bears. Apart from that, I thought to enhance the room by creating reddish effect in my room for spending perfect time with my partner. So I installed red wallpapers having images of rose and white paint on sectioned area of room. Actually that area was specified for fireplace. So I thought to distinguish it and applied white color having small red hearts over it. I further enhance the walls and thought to add happy Valentine’s Day on custom canvas prints. That was looking perfect. Photo bears the roses and teddy bears and small hearts over the text. That was a wonderful way to show my deep love and affection to my partner. After that i hanged up the photo in front wall.

Red Roses and White Candles in room:

Flowers are symbol of pure love on Valentine’s Day. The day is incomplete without exchanging roses. Apart from exchanging, I thought to add lovely roses in big vases. A beautiful scent enhanced the romantic atmosphere of room. For creating more loveable appearance, I added white candles alongside the windows and our bed side tables. The sweet brightening effect was giving a wonderful expression of love.

Unique Wall Art:

Decent and romantic effect in room isn’t possible without creating perfect and romantic wall art. Now there are unique forms of art which are available in market which look sophisticated and ideal for creating up to date effect. I bought decent red colored  bells for hanging on the roof top. When you enter in the room they look more natural, unique and create fabulous sound.

Red Candies:

For creating fascination, I thought to add sweet chocolate boxes on the tables and red candies in the bowl. As these are the favorite candies of my partner. So that was the excellent idea to charm the room with scrumptious eatables.

Red & White Teddy Bears:

Teddy bears look cute, especially if you’re decorating the room for female. Because female love teddy bears as they seems romantic and loveable. So I placed red and white teddy bears on red sofas and at the back of bed.

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