A new gift idea is here.
How about making a big surprise to a TV fan?
You can get for him or her Satellite TV.

A good new for you – Direct TV is currently offering Free Equipment and Free Installation to New Satellite TV Subscribers.

The Direct TV Deals are: equipment offered (for free): DVR’s, HDTV with mpeg-4 receivers and
standard receivers and installation done by professional Satellite TV installers.

Why Satellite TV as gift?

  • Satellite TV has more channels available.
  • Satellite TV provides better picture quality.
  • Satellite TV is more reliable.
  • Satellite TV subscriptions cost less than cable.
  • Satellite can offer more High Definition programming
    Â than cable.

The Direct TV benefits are: all equipment for free, Satellite TV Installation is free also, you can get
free multi-room Satellite TV Systems, you will get free DVR or HD Receiver, discounts up to $520.00 and the local Networks are available.

To see the current promotions go to Direct TV Offer page.

Usually Satellite TV has more than 250 channels (30+ movie channels 35 sports networks).

A Satellite TV will be the perfect gift for a person who watches TV a lot. This will be a new TV experience: better quality, more programs and lower costs.Â

Since the equipment and the installation are free you probably wander what your gift will be about. It’s very simple you can pay for the monthly TV subscription.