Purchasing holiday gifts for your beloved kids means balancing educational with cool items. All parents want their children to love their Christmas presents, but they’re also looking for games, toys, and gadgets that won’t trigger any intellectual, social or emotional damage. Today’s refined techno-kids are certainly not easy to please, and as much as you’d love them to play with crayons and plastic toys once again, they’d rather move straight to advanced gadgets. There’s no reason to panic though as certain gadgets are stimulants meant to trigger their perception and help them develop their brains faster.


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Nintendo Wii U

With all that noise around the newly released Xbox One and PS4, it’s rather easy to overlook that there are other consoles worth investing in, such as Nintendo’s Wii U. Parents should make a difference between games appropriate for younger kids and games for older ones. Simply put, Wii U is an excellent console for youngsters and their parents. It’s a gaming console that encourages multi-age playing experiences and it features numerous engaging games meant for families to try out together. Super Mario 3D World for example, will offer hours of fun for both you and your kids.

Nintendo 2DS

In case you’re not interested in acquiring a console for your living room but you’re still searching for a gaming device for kids, make sure to check out a 2DS. The line is leading the portable market of consoles because it features dependable hardware and delightful gaming experiences. 2DS is the most recent device from the DS family and it supports both 2D and 3D games.

Nabi Headphones

Nabi makes excellent tablets and accessories for kids, and they’re all considered pretty awesome. The Nabi headphones for example, are not just simple headphones. They’re well-built with superior quality and they’re considered special because of the ‘dual mode’. Parents can actually limit the volume of the headphones to 80db in order to protect their kids’ ears. There’s also the DJ quality meant for parents; flipping the switch tunes in audio depth, sound clarity, sonic richness, and a thrill-inducing bass.

Pink iPod Nano

Unlike an iPod Shuffle that can only offer excellent sound, an iPod Nano will also support videos. Apple’s kid friendly device will certainly appeal to little girls considering it comes in pink. If you’re having doubts and you’re not sure your daughter will love her Christmas present, you can always wrap the device in funny Apple case. A “Despicable Me” case will certainly rock her world.

Kindle e-Reader

Built to satisfy both kids and parents, the latest Kindle e-Reader from Amazon should make reading a lot more fun. We all know books are outdated and not all kids are fond of them. Nonetheless, with a Kindle we’re talking about taking plain reading to a whole different level. The images are better and the mere idea of looking at a tablet will appeal to the senses of the most stubborn child. The Amazon Kindle features a varied library you can check out, and roughly 1,000 books to choose from. Read a bedtime story or let your kid do the reading to develop his interest in books.

Kids of the 21st century are complex. They’re not into regular toys anymore like cars and dolls, and they’d rather get smart devices as presents instead. As parents, it’s extremely important to be responsible, so you’ve got to find a way to combine educational gifts with fun gifts. Advanced technology can help you achieve that goal. Support your kid’s interest for revolutionary gadgets, and make him remember this Christmas with a revolutionary gaming console, a pair of sleek headphones, a beautiful tablet, or an iPod.

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