Enjoy the Easter sweets gift ideas:

1. Easter Mailboxes Gift idea

For all your special deliveries. This purple mailbox is filled with bunny corn, foil-wrapped chocolate eggs, an orange-tinted chocolate carrot and an exclusive plush bunny purple with flower buttons for the girls and stripes for boys. Add any name and make this gift really stand out!

2. Carrot Express Family Pack Gift Idea

We started with our 2 gallon Carrot Express design tin and filled it with delicate White Cheddar, robust Cheese and sweet Mores corn, along with 2 Popcorn Balls, 2 bunny-shaped chocolate cookies, Easter jellybeans, a chocolate bunny, honey roast peanuts, chocolate eggs and white chocolate pretzel rounds.

3. Carrot Express Cookies Gift Idea

The perfect Easter gift for sharing at home or office. Here’s an exclusive 1/2 gallon Carrot Express design pail filled with 12 individually wrapped, bunny-shaped sugar cookies in vanilla and chocolate, complete with cute icing faces. So yummy!

4. C3-Tier Carrot Express Bunny Stack Gift Idea


If you’ve been tempted to bring home a fuzzy, little bunny for the kids this spring, save yourself the trouble and send them this 3-Tier Bunny Stack instead.
It’s filled with our signature Chocolate Drizzled Caramel corn, mini rainbow hostess pretzels and chocolate eggs. The kids will love it and you won’t have to clean the cage.

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