These days I have received an email to write a sponsored post about a gift site. This is how I have discovered eDivvy Unique Gift Ideas where you can share the cost of gifts among several people rather than having to foot the entire bill yourself.


The idea is simple but ingenious and it can be used to get a more expensive present.

With this service is possible for people to give their loved ones the gift they really want rather than just having you settle for a gift you can afford. 

All you have to do is to find a great gift and invite others to participate in paying for it.

There are some easy steps:

  1. enter details like: occasion, who is the receiver, who organized the party, a  sort message
  2. find a gift. There are hundreds of products for every category.
  3. invite participants. You don’t have to pay the whole gift; you can share the cost with your friends.
  4. make the final changes.

You can find thru eDivvy service hundreds of presents like:

-home and garden gifts
-baby gifts
-graduation gifts
-corporate gifts
-teacher gifts
-wedding gifts
-valentine’s day gifts
-gifts for him
-gifts for her
-sports gifts

In conclusion

You can offer a fantastic gift to someone you love even you can’t afford it by sharing the cost with others.

I think eDivvy Unique Gift Ideas will be a success because we all want to offer great gifts but I don’t always have the money to get them.