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Who ownes iSalient

Web based survey software that allows you to collect data through custom forms for information gathering, research, and quantitative analysis. iSalient guides you through the process of conducting a survey, distributing
it to recipients, and interpreting the results critically through detailed reports. iSalient is a solution provided by ActiveCampaign, Inc.

Who is ActiveCampaign, Inc

ActiveCampaign, Inc is a privately held software development corporation based in downtown Chicago.

Free version of iSalient

Try the free version of iSalient and explore the wealth of features within iSalient. Creating a free account only takes a couple of minutes and you can easily upgrade to a paid account at any time. To get a free version of
surveys go to iSalient Hosted website.

Why iSalient?

Clients choose iSalient for many reasons. From your satisfaction guarantee, the intuitive AJAX interface, comprehensive flash reporting, cross-tab reports, email deployment and more you will find iSalient to meet your needs for your surveys.

How to contact iSalient?

You can get a offer for your survey by contacting iSalient on email – [email protected] or phones – Toll-Free: 888-227-5040

International: 312-201-0300.