These days we all get so caught up in the big, materialistic things. We want to drive the nicest cars, sport the smartest, most expensive brands in clothing and show off our dashing homes full of things we never get to use because we have to work so hard to pay for them. We are caught up in the rat race, keeping up with the Jones’s and pulling out all the airs and graces when company comes so they don’t judge us for being less than they are.

When did life get this hard? Remember the days when you were little and the absolute most precious gift you could give your father was a home-made card you had cut out and drawn yourself? Remember when your mum made patty cakes just because she knew you liked them? Or when your bond was cemented because your friends gave you an item of theirs, not particularly valuable, but a piece of themselves all the same?

Something rough around the edges, delivered with care is often much not meaningful than something expensive, purchased online with little thought or consideration.

So what are some of these simple yet exquisite gifts?

1. The Unpolished Diamond

Unpolished Diamond Ring

It’s true, we can head to the jeweller or online and buy an engagement ring that will likely blow her socks off, but isn’t there a way you could make your proposal unique and more meaningful between the two of you? Why not tell a story? Talk to her about how when she met you, you were an unpolished diamond and she has shaped you into who you are today. Then present her with a little box, inside an unpolished diamond waiting for the two of you to work together to create something beautiful out of.

2. A Single Flower

Sadly, flowers are not as frequently given or used as a gesture of love or affection as they once were. Now if we want to send some roses we just throw the emoticons into a text message and zap it on over. Why not go simple and old fashioned and turn up at her door with one single, long stemmed rose, and sweep her off her feet?

3. Your Song

If you’re looking for an amazing gift to give to your bride, think about something you share — like your song. Head off and have some private and very secret singing lessons and on the night of your wedding reception, take the mike and show her how much she means to you with a special surprise!

4. Something to Create Memories

When you and your partner have your first child and you see her looking longingly and lovingly down at the baby, you are filled with an amazing sense of love. Show her your love with a special gift. Have something made that will be a memory of this time for her forever, like a mould of the baby’s feet or frame a tiny pair of its shoes once they are too small.