This Christmas many smokers again will pledge not to smoke again. They will try and attempt at quitting cigarettes. You may have people who smoke tobacco as your family as well friends. An electronic Cigarette is the perfect gift for them this year. This Christmas gift will get them motivated. What is the electronic cigarette? The electronic cigarette is an individual nicotine vaporizer. It does contain nicotine in the cartridge. Though nicotine is the addictive element of cigarettes, but it is one of the least harmful parts in cigarettes for smokers. The most harmful thing about smoking cigarettes is the tar and other chemicals that you consume while smoking.

When you take a drag on any electronic cigarette it will activate a sensor that will set in motion a heating element in the tube called an atomizer. Inside the electronic cigarette there is a cartridge which has liquid nicotine. The heating element in the cigarette turns the nicotine into vapour with is taken in by the smoker. It is a much safer option to cigarette smoke in that it doesn’t contain any of the elements that cigarettes do. They can gradually move from harmful tobacco smoking to electric smoking and then perhaps quit it completely. There are many options available in the market and which one is your choice? You can figure it after reading through the top 3 Electronic Cigarette Starter kits available in the market as of date.

The first is the Joye 510 Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit.


The kit comprises of two batteries, a charger for the batteries, two atomizers, five cartridges which are pre filled with tobacco flavoured e-liquid. Its size is like the normal cigarette size. E- Liquid or e –juice is a cost effective way to continue e smoking. E –juice is also available in the market in many flavours but the smokers will prefer the tobacco flavour. Make sure to keep the atomizer moist. As the e- juice evaporates completely the atomizer starts to dry up. It is available in two colours, black and white. It performs pretty well in the market. And you can gift additional cartridges of the e juice.

This effective e – cigarette has been replaced in the market by its upgraded version now. The upgraded version is called Joye – 510 – T.


This new version is similar to the previous one. The tank system in this model is revolutionary and it is the interesting feature in the version. It allows 0.5ml e juice to drip in the tank cartridge. The special atomizer has a spike and it pierces the bottom of a plastic refillable cartridge and fills it with e- juice. The juices fill up automatically as the smoker inhales. The tank has the capacity to hold e –liquid which lasts for hours before it needs to be refilled. The components of this e cigarette are two atomizers, two batteries, charger for the batteries and five clear refillable empty tank cartridges. There is no leakage to carry a prefilled Joye 510-T tank cartridge. The Joye 510-T makes dripping simpler and less exasperating for the smokers. It does not leak and hence makes it easier to carry. It has become the most popular mini e cigarettes. The colours available are Matte black with blue LED and white with red LED. The manual Joye 510 batteries have no cut off time. It keeps working till the button is released.

The last one but definitely not the least is the Joye eGo – T Electronic cigarette starter kit. The tank is same as the 510 – T but the unit has much bigger batteries and atomizers. The eGo –T batteries are available in 650 mAh and 1000mAh batteries. The charge hence of these powerful batteries will last long. The atomizers give out the most satisfying throat hit and vapour production. Smokers who seem to have difficulty refilling the cartridge after it runs out of the nicotine liquid will also find the tank system to be very helpful. It is a much easier procedure for using the product and can be very valuable for people using e-cigarettes to quit smoking. It is a good choice to explore even if you are already using a cartridge based e-cigarette. The quality is reliable and the people who have used praise it. Many also state that it is your best bet for quitting the traditional tobacco. They are mostly the best choice for your money.


Whichever choice you make the prices are affordable and shall suit your pockets.

E cigarettes are the perfect gift for people who wish for similar size to that of the real thing, who want the flavour and effect to last and those who wish to have flavour till the very last drag. The best part of electronic cigarettes is that there are no withdrawal symptoms also. It is the ideal gift for this Christmas for your near and dear ones.

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The post is shared by Jason Phillips. He has written about artificial cigarettes from a tech as well as eco- friendly point of view for those who wonder about the magic behind a Safe Cig cartridge. He is a father of two and madly in love with his wife of many years.