The majority of women love to receive jewellery as a gift, whether it be a birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day or an anniversary. Being a luxury item jewellery is a gift that spoils the recipient of your gift and shows her just how much you really care. Diamond rings don’t just have to be for an engagement. Engagement rings are often a single diamond but for another occasion you can choose something that has more stones. As well as rings there are plenty of other jewellery gifts to choose from.

Jewellery Gifts


You can never go wrong with a beautiful ring if you have to get someone dear to you a gift. A new ring makes a lovely anniversary gift or to mark a milestone occasion. When a woman is given a diamond ring she knows that there is real meaning behind the gift. There are many different styles of settings, and diamonds vary in cut and colour. You can also choose a ring with other stones, both precious or semi precious, with rubies, sapphires and emeralds being popular choices. You also have a choice of either silver, or different gold bands, including white, yellow or rose gold.


A gift of a bracelet is lovely to give for a birthday or Christmas. For a really special gift, and for something to wear on special occasions, a diamond bracelet will be sure to impress. A simple pearl bracelet is lovely for evening wear too. For something more for everyday wear you can buy her a bracelet with a locket or even one of the popular bracelets where you buy the beads separately and gradually add to them. These make fantastic gifts because you have set yourself up for present ideas for the next few years. You can also personalise these with different colour beads, patterns or beads in shapes of animals or miniatures of everyday items that mean something to the receiver.


A string of pearls is a gorgeous gift, and something that every woman should own as they are so timeless and look beautiful for evening wear, or they can even be worn for everyday, depending on her outfit. A simple gold or silver chain is lovely, and there are so many varieties of pendants available, you are completely spoilt for choice. You can have gold or silver pendants in modern or classic designs, different stones, lockets or go for a stunning diamond pendant.


Earrings can finish off a look, particularly when a woman is going out somewhere special. Drop earrings look great for a formal evening out, and diamonds are wonderful as they sparkle and give a woman’s overall look that something special. Studs are good for everyday, but make her everyday that little bit more glamorous by buying her a pair of diamond studs.


As well as being practical there are many elegant watches that are created just for women. Something that has a slimmer band looks lovely on a female wrist, and you can really spoil her by giving her a watch with diamonds set in the watch face.