You’ve noticed that the “For Sign” sign next door gets marked with “Sold.” Now you’re excited to meet and greet your new neighbors. Paying them a visit is a nice way to welcome them into the community and possibly begin a good and solid relationship with them.


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Since they’re new, it isn’t a good idea to give them something too personal or something too huge. Instead, you can give them something small and thoughtful, or something really useful. Here are a few gift ideas to get you started.

Takeout menus

This will be a great gift, especially if your new neighbors have come from far away. We all know how it feels after a long day; sometimes all we need is Chinese food or pizza. A list of takeout menus will benefit them greatly especially during the first weeks of their move-in, when the kitchen appliances are still in their boxes and when the kitchen’s not ready for cooking yet. What you need is a takeout menu organizer and the menus of your favorite food places, of course.

Tool kit

They’re new to the place and probably need to do some remodeling or renovating. Help them make their house their new home with a kit of all the basic and essential tools. Common house tools include a hammer, a screwdriver, wrenches, and needle-nose pliers. You can throw in a set of hinges, hooks, an extension cord, a tape measure, and strong glue as well.

Personalized basket

This one’s quite tricky. You wouldn’t know what type of welcome basket you ought to prepare because you simply don’t know what type of people they are yet. Well, one thing to do is to find out if your new neighbors are newlyweds, a young family, a single female, pet lovers, etc. From there, you would have a hint on what they would prefer – a gardening basket, or things for pets, a cooking set, etc.

Home cooked meal

Here’s one of the most convenient and useful gifts for new neighbors (just make sure you don’t come crashing in when they are really busy moving in). Make them a hot meal that is easy to eat on the spot. You can make a fresh batch of cookies or hot chocolate too. Consider using disposable plates and utensils in case they haven’t found their own yet. You can also take a load off their shoulders by offering to bring dinner. Which leads us to…

Wine and dessert

Many think it’s cliche, but let’s not forget the wine. Whether white, red, or sparkling, wine can give out a good vibe and create a beautiful moment between neighbors. To maximize the experience, make sure to prepare your food and wine pairing recipes beforehand. This way, you would know what food would go best with your drink. Mini mac and cheese and low-fat mashed potato gratin are only a few examples of wine pairs.

These gift ideas are sure to make your new neighbor feel welcome. Do you have other ideas? I’d love to hear them!

About the author: Melissa Page has been writing for more than four years. When she’s not busy blogging, she spends her day relaxing, with a glass of Tiziano Wine by her side.