by: Gray Rollins

Give the gift of Easter lilies.

Easter lilies are one of the most popular of all holiday plants. They are gorgeous little flowers that will bring joy into the home of anyone who is lucky enough to receive them. If your home needs a little oomph this year then pick up some Easter lilies and if you are invited to an Easter dinner or Easter party, consider bringing along some Easter lilies to give as a hostess gift. They will simply light up the room!

What makes Easter lilies so wonderful is their complete versatility. You can grow your Easter lilies in your home for as long as you want, you do not ever have to plant them outside if you don’t want to. But if you do decide that your garden would be better for the Easter lilies then you can simply plant them in the garden when the weather gets a little warmer. They will change the entire look and feel of your garden. They will add a light and airy feeling filled with love and hope. That is the magic of Easter lilies and why so many people have fallen in love with their lovely little trumpets over the years.

So how do you choose the Easter lilies that are right for you or someone close to you? It is easy, follow the steps below and always come away from the store with the perfect Easter lilies for any occasion.

Look for lots of healthy green leaves.

The more leaves that the Easter lilies have on the plant the healthier they are going to be. These leaves should be plentiful all around the plant and should go right down to where the Easter lilies meet the potting soil in the pot.

Do not choose the Easter lilies with the already blooming flowers.

Many people make the mistake of choosing the Easter lilies that already have many open buds. Try to choose one with a couple opened and even more unopened. This way you will be able to enjoy your Easter lilies much longer. If you buy them already bloomed in a couple of days those will have died and there will be no buds to take their place.

Choose the Easter lilies that look good on all sides

Try to choose the Easter lilies that look just as pretty from the back as they do from the front. This is the best way to choose the Easter lilies that are right for you this year.


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