Many people love to read and every one of them has a different favorite book, author or genre. Unless you know the bookworm exceptionally well it can be easy to purchase the wrong book, forcing them to smile and appear excited about something which holds no appeal.

Choosing the right gift for an avid reader has been made even harder by the electronic book; between special ordering a title and Christmas your loved one may have purchased the book online themselves! In many ways it may be better to steer clear of books and purchase one of these alternatives:


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  1. Word Art

This covers any kind of art which uses famous or exceptionally poetic quotes. The words can be printed onto book ends, the framed pages of a famous book or even just a well presented poster. You can take this gift a stage further by adding in a literary themed calendar; ideally one which has arty pictures and a suitable quote for each month.

  1. The Electronic Reader

There is a good chance that your loved one already has an electronic reader. However, if they do not or they have an older reader this can be the perfect gift. There is a huge range of different readers available on the market and this may make it difficult to choose the right one. The very latest ones include white light technology, which makes it seem like the reader is being illuminated from the room rather than the light coming from the reader. This type of light is more natural, less straining to their eyes and will enable them to read in the dark without disturbing anyone round them. Most e-readers will also allow you to download books and connect to the internet; they also usually have a useful dictionary to help if they do not understand a word.


  1. Stationary

Most people who love to read also enjoy writing. This can make a thoughtful stationary gift the idea Christmas present. Consider purchasing a writing book, with their name on and either illustrations which will appeal to your loved ones or different quotes written on each page. Make sure the item is personal and reflects their thoughts and reading / writing style.

Other stationary items include pocket diaries, designed as their favorite book or pens and writing paper with literary inspired themes; such as the cover design of their favorite book. There are a great number of products which can be personalized; providing you have left enough time to get the product finished before Christmas!

  1. Comfort cushions

Reading can be done anywhere; but, one of the nicest places to curl up with a good book is in their favorite chair. Unfortunately, even with the fire burning it can become cooler when sat still, engrossed in a good book. An idea gift to ensure they are comfortable is a throw or cushion; this will help to keep them warm and give them something to either support their back or rest their head on. You can even have these items embroidered with their name or a small illustration.

  1. The Lamp

Your loved one will need adequate light when reading the latest masterpiece by their favorite author. You can show them that you care about their eyesight and general health by purchasing a light which can sit over or next to their favorite reading spot and illuminate the pages of their book. The style of light will need to be in keeping with the interior decoration of their home but you can still include literary touches; such as a monogram on the light; either with your loved ones initials or those of their favorite author.


Perhaps the most important aspect of a Christmas gift for a bookworm is to make sure it is personal and thoughtful. Avid readers care a lot about the way they read. Whether they prefer top 10 books or they’d like to try out electronic versions of their favorites, it is important to consider their preferences. Christmas is all about cuddling up with a good book, having delicious cookies by the fireplace and enjoying time with your loved ones. Make those moments count and put some thought into the whole idea of gift giving.

By Jason Phillips