Father’s Day gifts are a fun way to thank dad for all he does throughout the year. If the dad in your life already has the obligatory "World’s Greatest Dad" mug, and other novelty gifts, gathering dust in his closet, then it is time to think outside the box. This year, break away from traditional gifts and give him something he really wants.

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Be different

Boring socks and bland ties are old-school options that have been over done for years. If you must go with an item of clothing, choose a t-shirt featuring his favorite band, drink or saying. Although not a traditional choice, these t shirts are fun and risky. If you cannot find something you like in a store, have a personalized t-shirt printed for him.

Indulge his passions

Parenting and a full-time job does not leave much time at the end of the day. Every dad has something he loves to do, but does not always have the chance to do it. An entire day golfing or a weekend fishing trip is sure to delight an avid golfer or outdoor lover. If he enjoys working on projects in the garage, make sure he has a dedicated workbench. Then give him the space to enjoy it by taking the kids to the park for the day. Whatever his passion might be, make it possible for him to enjoy it. Limited edition and collector’s items

If dad has a collection or hobby, look for ways to enhance it. Finding important limited edition and collector’s items are great ways to show you are thinking about him. If your guy enjoys cigars, consider upgrading his home humidor. You can even add a few special cigars as well. Some dads collect racing or other memorabilia. A nice display case or rare item would be a thoughtful gift.


Let’s face it sometimes the house is noisy. Give dad a chance to escape the noise, even if he cannot always get away from home. A nice set of ear buds is a start, but traditional headphones are better at blocking outside noise Technology has made quality wireless headphones a reality.

Gift cards

Some dads are a challenge to buy for, no matter how creative you get. They buy things themselves before you get the chance, or are otherwise hard to please. In this case, a gift card is the perfect gift. Purchasing a gift card from his favorite store means he will be able to get exactly what he wants.

Article by Brionna Kennedy