Toddlers can be a difficult age to buy gifts for. They are too old to just get a cute outfit or baby products, but too young for most toys. There are some great ideas for toddler gifts out there, however, and they do not have to be expensive. Here are five of the most popular toys for toddlers:

1. Dream Lites Pillow Pets


This combination of soft stuffed animal and night light is a hit with kids of all ages. Because it is soft and has no small parts, even toddlers can enjoy this great gift. The stuffed animal has a back made of plastic. Through this a light inside shines stars and other shapes on the ceiling of their bedroom at night. They can feel safe and still cuddle up with this toy. It comes in a variety of animal shapes like dogs, unicorns, and butterflies. You can even pick one up in your local drug store or grocery store many times, so it a very convenient last minute gift.

2. Doctor Kit


All kids, boys and girls alike, love to play doctor. An age appropriate doctor kit can be found in most supermarkets and toy stores. It usually comes with a play thermometer, a heart monitor, bandages, a reflex hammer, and other child safe tools of the medical trade. You can even turn it into a veterinarian’s kit by supplying a stuffed animal for them to practice on. A flexible learning gift that kids and parents will love.

3. Stomp Rocket


Who would not want to send a rocket sky high with a stomp of their foot? Children love this easy rocket setup and parents love that it is made of soft foam that will not hurt anything. The kids can play with it again and again as they shoot the rocket up high with just air pressure from stomping their feet on a small round disk. They will sure expand a lot of energy retrieving and reassembling the rocket for tons of outdoor fun.

4. Basketball Set


To get kids active indoors and out a plastic basketball set is a great idea. Made of sturdy plastic, the sets created for toddlers are just the right height for them to dunk the foam ball over and over again. Dads love when their kids show an interest in sports, so you will definitely earn bonus points with this gift.

5. Sit ‘N Spin


A great energy burner, the classic spinning wheel if fun for kids of all ages. Even adults will want to give this toy a spin for old time’s sake. It does not take up a lot of room either, so it is a great toy for kids who love to move but their parents would rather have them out of the way. Just keep in mind that too much spinning may make the child dizzy!

These five toys for toddlers should give you somewhere to start on your gift search. Kids are usually pretty easy to buy for. Just make sure the toy is safe for the child’s age and fun for them to play with. You might even find yourself playing along!

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