Gift hampers are among the prestige promotional items. They’re particularly effective in the upmarket demographics, but they’re popular across the board. Fabulous gifts like gourmet hampers are universally loved, and they’re also great attention-getting devices for promotions. These are some of the most effective standalone presentations in any form of marketing, and they’re often used in other areas of industry as well, as part of awards and appreciation ceremonies. These are prestige awards, too, and the presentation often involves a formal ceremony.

The science of promotional gift hampers


The gift hampers are given under different circumstances. There’s a science to marketing, and there’s a science to the use of gift baskets and hampers. In promotional terms, they’re gold. They guarantee strong presentation values, and can be easily incorporated into a suite of corporate promotional gifts.

Typical promotional uses of gift baskets and hampers include:

· Promotions in general: Gift hampers are often included on multiple levels of client relationship- related promotions. They form part of a group of gifts, often including the more conventional high value promotional types. The hampers add an element of class and style to these presentations beyond the obvious hard sell.

· Contest based promotions: Hampers are popular prizes, almost incredibly so. As part of a competition, they’re good value and great attention getters. People may or may not believe in their chances of winning a first prize, but winning a hamper is always a good deal, particularly the high value gourmet hampers with the fantastic food and drink.

Putting together your hamper combination

There are some basic principles for hampers in promotions:

1. Themes: The hamper needs to blend in well with the promotion and the product base. This includes motifs, product imagery and design considerations for decoration.

2. Promotional colours: This is a “corporate” approach, using the visual association with the promotional themes. The hamper’s bunting and colours should be tailored to match the colour scheme of the promotion, preferably with bows and similar features in the same colour mix.

3. High quality: Commercially available hampers are invariably good, but the really great hampers are in a league of their own. They’re also extremely impressive in presentations. Custom-made special hampers, made by professional suppliers, are excellent quality products and extremely good visually.

4. Presentation: The visual impact of the promotion is a basic consideration. It so happens that hampers, being standout as well as standalone presentations themselves, add a lot to any promotional display. The hampers and baskets should be literally front and center, dominating the display.

5. Promotional information: It’s quite possible to include promotional materials in a hamper in purely commercial promotions. The information also needs to be well presented, preferably industry standard brochure printing quality materials.

One more thing about hampers that needs to be fully understood in any promotional context- They’re considered high value in their own right. They’re an extremely flexible option for any kind of promotion. They’re also a great way of adding class and presentation values to lackluster materials and livening up potentially dull, uninteresting promotions.