Yesterday I have found a great gift idea: offering hand-made oil paintings as gifts.

Linden Alley turns photos into hand-made oil paintings, 100% hand-painted by professional artists using the finest materials.

See the images below to see how this works.

The picture


The hand-made oil painting


Custom Oil Paintings gift ideas:

  • Family portrait as a gift to grandparents
  • To a spouse: a portrait of the two of you
  • Portrait of a pet, as a gift to the entire family
  • Wedding gift: Paint a special memory of the couple
  • Honor grandparents with a portrait of them; gift it to your parents
  • Team or individual portrait for someone entering retirement
  • Holiday gift to friends: a painting of a shared memory

How this Works

Customer submits one or more photos and optionally some text instructions, then an artist at Linden Alley will create the painting. Once done painting, the customer will receive a photo of the painting to review. If necessary, Linden Alley will make unlimited revisions to the painting until the customer is completely satisfied. The finished painting is then mailed directly to the customer’s home.

The hand-made oil paintings gifts are the best custom made gifts for special occasions.