Rummaging for the perfect gift for any occasion can seem an overwhelming job and when it is for a loved one who has just undergone a critical surgery or is suffering from a complicated ailment the decision can be more daunting. While you would feel like you could go the extra mile to make him or her happy, this does not necessarily mean splurging on expensive gifts. For, the purpose here is not to flaunt to your other relatives or friends about how much you can afford, but to uplift the mood of the person who is undergoing the dual sufferance of the physical illness as well as the disillusionment of staying in a depressive environment like the hospital. Here are some gift ideas which can help boost the mood of patients away from the cozy comfort of home while not being too heavy on your pocket.

>Flowers: The immense potential of flowers to perk up the spirits remains indubitable as their very fragrance and bright hues go a long way to bring a smile to the face of a depressed soul. However, not all people find blossoms appealing and there may be quite a few who could be allergic to the pollens of flowers. Hence, before delivering a grand bouquet to the patient’s room check out if he or she has any respiratory issues or is undergoing chemotherapy and has been advised to keep off objects causing allergic reactions by the doctor. The same holds true if the patient is placed in ICU or if he or she shares the room with other patients who may in turn be allergic to the same.

>Entertainment Gift Ideas: Hospitals can be utterly boring places and except the time when the patient gets to visit his near and dear ones the rest of the day may seem like years. So if your buddy has been recommended a prolonged stay in the hospital consider getting some gifts which will be a source of entertainment for him. If your friend is a voracious reader make him happy by getting the au-courant best-sellers in the market or books which up the soul such as the Chicken Soup series which come with short, mind-boosting tales. If she is a music maven consider pampering her with music CDs of albums of her choice, song numbers which can be soothing to the ears and bring solace to her soul. For those who are occupying a single room for themselves, most hospitals will have the provision for television and DVD players. In such cases, get some good romantic comedies or light-hearted movies from the library for your pal to watch them when he is getting bored to the dregs or is feeling too depressed aboutlife.

>Gift Basket: How about giving your dear one some time to entertain herself? Don your creative hat and make a gift basket to stack it with her favourite goodies, magazines, small books of puzzles or Sudoku, a set of cards, a fine assortment of her favourite wine or tea and the likes.

>A Hospital Kit Bag: You do not need to brainstorm your mind to think about the perfect gift for someone you really care for. Simple things such as a handmade sweater or a cosy quilt, a pair of comfortable pajamas, a beautiful hand-knit hat and lip balm for those undergoing chemotherapy can instantly touch the heart of a patient knowing there is someone out there who cares so much. Boost them by bringing in their own set of soaps and shampoos, electric shavers and combs which they will indeed be happy to find by their side.

>A Ticket to some Pampering: Ailments squeeze out the glow of the skin and hair, especially in cases of cancer patients who require taking in drugs through chemotherapy which rob them of their beauty and leave them extremely embittered emotionally. If you have a friend or loved one, who is reeling under the pain of watching her countenance getting dampened with blemishes and scars and hair getting brittle and falling off in chunks, nothing can be more uplifting a gesture than gifting her with a certificate for a spa service or to a salon post recovery. She will look forward to the day and the very opportunity of seeing herself regain her former beauty, at least to some extent, will brighten up her spirits.

>A Helping Hand: Gifts do not always have to be materialistic and you can indeed do a lot by offering yourself for running any small errand or doing any task which might be perturbing her for leaving incomplete when she had to be admitted to the hospital. Offer to take care of her pet while she is away, picking up her kids from school or activity classes and dropping them home, looking after the necessary hospital formalities prior to discharge and the likes.
And while you organize his things and documents before discharge make sure he has his E111 card with him so as to help him attenuate his medical bills by obtaining discounts on the same.

The E111 card is a valuable medical tool that every individual in UK has the privilege to possess enabling one to save hundreds of dollars on hospitalization and medical charges. By lending your helping hand and bringing in gifts which can tug at the right heartstrings you can go a long way to cheer up and switch the mood of patients who mean a lot to you.

By Maria Mcquire